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Thank you for considering Zeo Technologies as a partner in the installation or improvement of your computing environment. We're dedicated to helping you build an infrastructure that meets your needs and will minimize down-time for your company.

After you've finished the form below we'll contact you with a proposal and cost estimate. This is just a data gathering document - there's no cost, obligation, or commitment involved in filling it out.

Background Info

Your Goals

(networking, server installation)
(file server, print sharing, group calendars)
(remote desktop, terminal server, VPNs)
(content appliances, Cloudmark)
(password policies, security audits)
(servers, firewalls, switches)
(configuration, maintenance, trouble shooting)
(patches, user accounts, backups)


Review your existing network

Password Strength
my password is blank
everyone knows the administrator passwords
password lengths and strength standards are enforced
our password policy is very strict
User Accounts
Jim used to work here 6 years ago
user accounts are maintained
not sure of status
pc's are not up-to-date
our server is not up-to-date
both pc's and servers are up-to-date
we backup our own files
fully integrated backup solution
Virus Protection
incomplete coverage or not at all
expired antivirus subscriptions
virus software is installed but centrally managed
real-time scanning of user desktops
UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply/Battery Backup)
we do not have a UPS
only pc's are protected
only our server(s) are protected
pc's and server(s) are protected
Disk Space
we get low disk space errors
we have plenty of space
we have TeraByte information stores
Asset Management (hardware and software inventories)
no network documentation
we have a documented network including; administration, passwords, and hardware currently in use
Licenses and Disks
we no longer have the physical disks or licenses
we are not fully licensed
all of our software is licensed properly
unmanaged, offsite
in-house, or we would like to be