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Chester Engineers

A new web application was designed to allow remote access to daily construction activities.

A new web application was designed to allow remote access to daily construction activities.The page was automatically updated with each item entered.

Company Background

Chester Engineers manages several water and sewer system improvements for PWSA throughout the city of Pittsburgh. Zeo Technologies was retained to develop and launch a web application to manage field inspection reports conducted by PWSA.

Project Info

A new web application was designed in Asp.Net based on a word template already in use by Chester Engineers. The application allowed foremen to enter daily activities from their laptops while in the field and managers to edit details before finalizing the document. Once final, the document is accessible to clients for viewing or printing.

While relatively straight-forward, there were several business rules that made this project a little different. First, for accounting purposes, unique identifiers were split among two fields and generated at the start of the project. Second, information entered into an application could vary from day to day. One day could have a full manifest of items delivered while other days simply reported the daily activities.

To address the unique identifier issue the database architecture was created to be as flexible and independent as possible. To address the difference in information collected AJAX was utilized to post rows back to the page when entering new reports and later made available for editing by managers. The result was a well-designed utility for managing daily field inspection reports.

Technologies Used

ASP.NET C#, AJAX, role management